News and Events


The next meeting of the Texas Hill Country Dorper Asociation will be February 23, 2017 at Mr. Gatti's in Fredericksburg. We will be presenting our budget for the coming year and voting on a couple of important issues regarding our annual show and sale. We would like to make sure every member has a chance to vote on the following:
1. Deciding if we are going to allow out of state sheep to be sold at our show and sale. If we allow out of state sheep, then all of our sheep must have health papers. There are pros and cons, and we will be discussing them prior to voting.

2. Deciding if we are going to offer internet buyers access to our sale. This turned out to be much more expensive than we anticipated, and we had issues getting the credit card payments accepted. However, we did sell several lots over the internet. Let's discuss the pro and cons, vote on it and then move on.

3. Approving or amending and approving our budget for the coming year. This has to be last because the internet decision will impact our budget.

In addition to these business items we hope to have Dr. Eckhardt as our speaker to talk about parasite control and to answer our questions about keeping our herds healthy.
Mr. Gatti's is located at 2931 S. State Hwy 16, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. This is the road to Kerrville. As you go out of town, it is on the left, just past Fair Drive. We sure hope to see you there. Most folks arrive around 6:00 and eat supper before the meeting begins at 7:00.