Texas Hill Country Dorper Association
Show and Sale
September 12th  and 13th, 2014
Gillespie County Fair Grounds
Fredericksburg, Texas

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2014 Entry Form

THCDA Show Rules 2014

1.     Fairgrounds open at 8 am and sheep must arrive by 1 pm on September 12th.  Please do not bring animals to the show barn prior to Friday the 12th, unless you are traveling a long distance.


2.     Show will begin at 5:00 pm on September 12th, with pens of three judging first, followed by unhaltered classes.


3.     The entry fee is $15.00 per head. The entry fee for a "Pen of Three" will be $10.00 per head or $30.00. The association will supply each exhibitor with shavings for use in the pens.


4.     Consignors must be a member of the THCDA, or non-members may enter with an additional non-member entry fee of $25.




6      American Dorper Sheep Breeder Society registration papers will be presented and collected at the time of "check-in". Exhibitors must specify "Haltered" or "Un-haltered" at the "check-in".


7.     Sellers must be members of ADSBS, American Dorper Sheep Breeder Society.


8.     All sheep must have a scrape tag and ADSBS papers.


9.    All sheep must have been shorn within two weeks of the show.


10.  Substitution within sex will be allowed after the closing date. Substituted sheep will be given new lot numbers to reduce confusion.


11.  Entries are limited to 10 HEAD of sheep per farm or ranch. (Unless additional numbers are needed to have a viable sale, this rule can/will be suspended on the president's call).

Consignors are limited to two "Pens of Three" and four unhaltered sheep (2 ewes and 2 rams).  The rest of the consignment should be haltered sheep.

A seller may enter two (2) rams without entering ewes.  The seller may enter a total of four rams.  The seller's third ram will require the seller to enter two (2) ewes. The forth ram will require the seller to enter four ewes.


12.  Haltered classes will be shown in the ring.


13.  Haltered and Un-haltered sheep will consist only of Pureblood/Fullblood.


14.  The "Pen of Three" class is a group of three ewes shown/sold together and will be Purebred or Fullblood. The "Pens of Three" will be penned together. The judge's placing will determine the sale order. All "Pens of Three" will be shown in one class regardless of age.


15.  Classes will be broken down by registration papers and consist of:

Yearling Rams                         (Sept. 1st, 2012 – August 30th, 2013)

Fall Rams                                 (Sept. 1st, 2013– Dec. 31st, 2013)

Spring Rams                            (Jan. 1st, 2014 and later in 2014)

Yearling Ewes                          (Sept. 1st, 2012 – August 30th, 2013)

Fall Ewes                                 (Sept. 1st, 2013 – Dec. 31st, 2013)

Spring Ewes                             (Jan. 1st, 2014 and later in 2014)


16. White Dorper and Dorpers will show separately, but one class after the other. Example: yearling Dorpers rams will be followed by yearling White Dorper rams.


18. A private sifter will look for cull faults and remove sheep from the Show and Sale. The sifter has the discretion to cull any sheep not meeting quality type standards. The sifter's decision will be final. No refund of fees will be given for sifted sheep. The sifting will be done on the Dorper Standards outlined in the South African "Dorpers into the new country" magazine. Considerations for sifting include:

e.     Unsound feet and legs (crippled, coon footed, sickle-hocked)

f.      Unsound mouth (overbite, under bite)

g.     Unsound reproductive organs

h.     Poor breed character, health, or serious confirmation fault

i.      Any sheep the sifter believes does not represent the quality of the Dorper breed

j.    Sick animals


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THCDA Sale Rules 2014

1.Sale will collect 10% commission per lot. If the seller PO's a lot above the floor price, seller pays 10% commission on lots at the price PO'ed. Consigners are responsible for paying the full purchase price of the PO'ed sheep so the books can be balanced.

2.The Sale order will be Haltered, Un-haltered, Pen of Three with the highest placing animals selling first.


3.Exhibitors are responsible for getting their sheep to the sale ring and back to their pens.

4.All rams 10 months and older must be fertility checked within two weeks of the Show and Sale. Rams younger than 10 months will be guaranteed by the breeder if the ram is kept in good condition and are fertility tested by the buyer around a year of age.


5.All ewes maintained in good condition will be guaranteed by the breeders to be fertile if exposed by the end of the calendar year. Most breeders will guarantee ewe lambs (not exposed their first year) longer if maintained in good condition. Please confirm with the breeder before you buy. 

6.Health certificates are not required for entry, but a veterinarian will be available for buyers that need certificates for transport.


7.Out of State entries must meet the Texas Animal Health requirements. 

8.All sheep brought to the Show and Sale MUST sell.


Recommended Buyer Protection Guidelines:

a. Ewes presented as bred should have sonogram results posted at the pen.

b.Ewes present as "exposed" do not have a breeding guarantee.

c.Sellers should post any other guarantee or warranty terms at the pens prior to the sale.

d.Texas Hill Country Dorper Association is in no way liable nor does it guarantee animals. Warranties whether expressed or implied are between seller and buyer.



Schedule of Events for THCDA Show and Sale

                           Friday September 12th  
8:00-12:00                  Sheep Check in
10:00-5:00                  Welcome Center open                                       
1:00-2:45                    Mini Dorper Course by South African Pieter van Schalwyk  
3:00-5:00                    Mock Judging contest for Participants.  Peter place and give reason
5:00-6:30                    Judge Pen of Three and Unhaltered                                                                       
6:45                           Meal and Membership Meeting

                              Saturday September 13th 
9:00-12:00                  Welcome Center Open (water, tea, coffee available)
9:00-12:30                  Silent auction set up and bids begin.   Winners to be announced before Sale begins
8:30-11:00                  Haltered Show judged by Pieter van Schalwyk
12:00                         Dorper lamb meal hosted THCDA
1:00                           Sale with auctioneer Preston Faris